At Olio we use the Emergent Curriculum to help children master their five domains. This research-backed approach is actually now implemented in BC public schools, due to it's proven effectiveness for all ages.

At Olio we encourage children to start projects based on their own interests. This makes learning really effective because children engage in topics that they are already are interested in.

The Emergent Curriculum

This is the sort of program develops when exploring what is "socially relevant, intellectually engaging, and personally meaningful to children." The basic idea is that organic, whole learning evolves from the interaction of the classroom participants, both children and adults.

The 3 Teachers

In the emergent curriculum the teacher, student, and environment are all key factors that facilitate a child's learning and growth. This contrasts the traditional approach where the teacher dictates what and when something is to be learned.

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BC’s Early Learning Framework

Here's an outline of the aspects of development we consider when developing our programs.

Well-being and Belonging

Young children learn to be confident in their bodies, skills, and social groups. This includes learning to eat, exercise, and socialize

Exploration and Creativity

Children need to explore the world using their bodies and all their senses to develop their minds and bodies.

Language & Literacies

Language & literacy are both necessary to understand, develop, and express new ideas and emotions.

Social Responsibility and Diversity

Children need to learn their roles and responsibilities in diverse social groups

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