Olio at glance

  • Multi-age (Group) License

  • 730 am - 5 pm

  • Licensed ECE

  • Emergent Curriculum


Your ECE.

Jimmy Vu
Jimmy Vu

BA(h) Psychology & Sociology, Registered ECE, BSW (in-progress)

Hello! I'm Jimmy the Director, web-designer, chef; story-time teller, guitar-wielding one-man band, playground-builder; and whatever else the kids need me to be on any given day. During my undergrad I started a part-time job at the Boys & Girls Club, where I fortuitously discovered that I had the unique skill of commanding large groups of kids. I quickly climbed the ranks and began to develop programs for other staff. During this time I also travelled to Ghana & Vietnam to develop programs for two orphanages. In 2010 I graduated and dabbled a bit in Adult Counselling as a career, but quickly realized my calling in life was to continue educating & inspiring children. I decided I would use all the skills and knowledge I acquired through the years to create a unique & innovative childcare experience. And so, Olio was born!

Past Teammates

Douglas College.

[UPDATE: Mark Tiongson has relocated and is no longer able collaborate with Olio for the time being]. Under an affiliation agreement with Douglas College, Nursing students complete their practicum hours at Olio. Under the direction of their Professor, Mark Tiongson, the students practice their mental health skills with the kids


Mr. P.

[UPDATE: Our beloved Mr. P passed away in his sleep on Sept 27, 2016 at the age of 6. We'll miss you little buddy] Mr. P. is our resident pet ferret. This old guy comes out with the kids daily and digs in the dirt with the kids. Interacting with Mr. P gives children the opportunity to learn to safely play with animals. In addition, the daily helper has the responsibility of feeding him his kibbles and treats.



Olio has decided to Opt-in to the Childcare Reduction Fee Initiative (CCRFI) in order to pass the savings along to parents. Prices below reflect the cost that parents are responsible for.

How are we able to keep our rates below the industry average, while still maintaining such an awesome facility and program you ask? Well, there are two main factors that allow us to accomplish this. First, I'm fortunate enough to be an able-bodied individual. So instead of a paying a fortune for landscaping or building a playground I do it myself. Second, I budget zero dollars for marketing. Instead I use my skills in web development to maintain this website, and obtain most of our clients through referrals. By maintaining top-tier service, parents happily refer others to Olio. This allows me to allocate more funding towards programming rather than advertising.

The Olio Program.

Check out our program page to learn more about our approach.